"Metaloyd" is a one man project, located in Toronto, Canada. Influenced by Pink Floyd and a variety of rock bands from 70's - 90's Metaloyd's music combines in itself ambiance, good rock vocals, soulful guitar solos and touching lyrics.


Sergii Pylypenko, a Ukrainian-Canadian composer, singer, songwriter, lyricist, producer and guitarist, started his project in 2013. He released his first album "Lifemarks" in 2015. As Sergii is from Ukraine his  music tastes are mostly based on European music, from dance rhythms of Modern Talking to psychedelic rock of Pink Floyd and heavy riffs of Judas Priest. A certain circumstances, as breaking of USSR and pretty tough life after that, made some print on Sergii's overall mood and his music . He always preferred heavy music to dance one. That negative experience and background made him want to share his ideas, his feelings with the world via his art. Basically that is why he mostly creates music in rock, instrumental rock genres with "doomy" emotional feel.
He studied accordion class for five years,when he was a schoolboy, but was not really into that instrument. His classmate showed him couple of guitar chords and Sergii started playing guitar, and improving his skills. It helped him to write songs and accompany himself later. As a schoolboy he started to write poems - that was a  result of teen love. The Love was gone but he kept on writing songs and poems. Sergii was often welcome to sing at different events, at school, university and just for friends.  He has about 3.5 octaves of vocal range, though he never had a tutor.  Sergii is persistent in getting his goal of becoming a successful artist. He works on new material for upcoming album. He also collaborates constantly with other musicians (Eugene Cojin, Fisnik Basha) as a producer to help them put their songs together. 
"Metaloyd" is pretty young project but it confidently gains popularity among listeners is social media. "Metaloyd has got about 270.000 listens only on N1M. 


Here are some quotes from fans: 

Not really into rock the beat really captures my attention. It's like its telling a story without the words ,I love the melody. I could hear it on the radio.

Reviewed by Automatic United States, Texas, Dallas


"Per Aspera Ad Astra" -
 I have stated before that I really like Metaloyd. Metaloyd is Sergii Pylypenko's project, a one-man band wonder who seems to have a love for the stylings of Pink Floyd, one of my favorite bands also! "Per Aspera Ad Astra" is Latin, and means ""Through hardships to the stars", and guaranteed this tune takes you there! With its ominous opener, the songs builds with excellent bass & driving rhythms, and soaring guitar leads and other instrumental embellishments which, since the song clocks at 6:48, it still manages to keep my interest! This is one tune that I personally would have beeen proud to have produced. Go Metaloyd!!

Reviewed by Tony DLivahh United States, Arizona, PHOENIX.



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